How to Kill an Ankylosaurus in Second Extinction

In the game of Second Extinction, you will deal with hordes of countless mutated dinosaurs. Among these, Ankylosaurus is one of the spiky and armored shell creatures you need to defeat. It also uses its tail to blow you up to oblivion. Since it is quite tricky to kill this giant creature, we have given a complete guide on how to bring it down.

How to Kill an Ankylosaurus in Second Extinction

In Second Extinction, there is not a single one but you will encounter multiple Ankylosaurus. These enemies have a good amount of health that makes it longer and a bit tough to kill. As they use spin attacks and club you down using their tails, you need to know strategies to kill them.   

The back of Ankylosaurus is quite tough to break through so nothing will happen if you will target its back. The greatest way to kill it is to flip it on its back as it has a soft underbelly that is its weak point you must not miss this target.

So, now the point is, how to flip Ankylosaurus on its belly? The best option is to use explosives. For this, you can use Jurgen’s Satchel Charge or Grenades to flip it over temporarily. As soon as you get on its back, start targeting its belly using all of your firepowers. From this, keep repeating this process until you kill it successfully.

Unluckily, the armor on its back is too much for your team’s weapons to breach. So, this is the best way to kill it.

That’s it for this guide on how to kill an Ankylosaurus in Second Extinction. Do not miss to check out on our website for more guides and tips. Also, learn How to Fix Second Extinction Missions Autofail on Launch Bug?

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