How to Heal Damaged Units in Humankind

How to Heal Damaged Units in Humankind

When you explore the world in Humankind, your unit will have to deal with rival forces and so they will surely get abundant damages. However, the show must go on and so, it is very important to know how to keep healing them frequently. Many new players have no idea how to heal their unit groups and therefore, we have prepared a quick and simple guide to know. Let’s check it out below.

How to Heal Damaged Units in Humankind

In Humankind, you will have several units and they will make the battle easier. However, if any of them is injured during the battle, they won’t be able to fight further as their health bar would go down. Here is how you can heal your damaged units in Humankind.

1. First of all, click on the damaged unit

2. Once you click, you will see a detail. Then see the right side of the unit reading screen, there you will see a heart.

3. That’s it. The group unit will wait on their current position until you heal all of them. You can do this process on the map tiles.

However, in case you find that the Regroup button turned grey and you can’t interact with it, that means units are not in a location and they can’t be healed. So, they will need to move your unit to an allied Territory.

When any member of the unit will get damaged, definitely a total amount of health will go down, so ensure that they spend more time using their action points for health instead of anything, especially movement.

Once you heal all of the units, you can then simply move around the map. That’s How to heal damaged Units in Humankind. Also learn, How to Build a City in Humankind

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