How to Harvest Metal from an Alien Crash Site in Fortnite

How to Harvest Metal from an Alien Crash Site in Fortnite

There are several Quests in Fortnite players need to complete throughout the game. And in one of the latest Punchcard quests, players need to harvest 100 Metals from an Alien Crash Site. On this site, you can also find out several valuable materials and loot. To find out metal from an Alien Crash Site is pretty simple but still many players find it difficult as you need to know certain tricks to complete the process easily. Here we present you a complete guide on how to harvest Metal from an Alien Crash Site in Fortnite.

How to Harvest Metal from an Alien Crash Site in Fortnite

These sites are already marked on the map with burnt orange soil and so you can easily find these spots from afar. These wrecked Alien Abductors can’t be picked themselves, so you will need to search once you arrive here. Following are some of the locations of Alien Crash Sites:

– Westside of Pleasant Park

– Westside of Weeping Woods

– Westside of Boney Burbs

– Westside of Dirty Docks

– Northeast side of Misty Meadows

In order to complete this quest, you will need to harvest 100 metals. It sounds easy at first but it is quite tough at crash sites. Here are some important points to consider while harvesting metals from an Alien Crash Site in Fortnite.

1. First of all, try to find out some big metal-made boxes which are closed to the wrecked Abductors. However, they give you only 10 to 20 metals each so look for some other sources. 

2. Next, look for some metal chests. Open them and you will find several of metal inside them. You can also look for ammo containers as they have a small amount of metal.

3. In this quest, the range is huge so there are several other chances to harvest Metals. You can go to the nearby houses and find out kitchen appliances for metals. From these houses, you can easily collect more than 100 metals so check these spots well around Alien crash sites. 

Once you collect sufficient metals, go to J. B. Chimpanski’s Punchcard questline who has given this quest to you to complete. 

And you have just completed Punchcard quests successfully.

That’s all for this guide on How to Harvest Metal from an Alien Crash Site in Fortnite.

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