How to Get Triple Penetration Trophy/ Achievement in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is the love-child of Bioshock and Wolfenstein, reincarnated in a Soviet realm with greater visuals and better weapons and more powers and lot more (oh, and no sprinting). While it presents you with its own tier of horror, formidable bosses, powers and weapons, there are certain moments that are supposed to reward you for the relentless fighting that you are going to go through as a result of this game. One such achievement is the Triple Penetration achievement. So what is this achievement and how do you go about attaining it? We shall tell you everything about this in the following article. 

How to Get Triple Penetration Trophy/ Achievement in Atomic Heart 

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The Railgun blueprint is hidden beneath the first room shifting conundrum in the VDNH Exhibition complex. Once you’ve obtained the blueprint, go to a crafting location to have the Railgun made.

Unlike other firearms, the Railgun requires 1x Neuromodule, which can only be obtained from boss battles. To obtain one, you must first slay Hedgie or Belyash.

With the Railgun in possession, go out and gather 3-4 enemies and sprint backwards until they begin to line up. Shoot the Railgun through all of them, and the accomplishment should appear. 

So this quest seems impossible without the presence of the railgun right? Well, here is where you can find the railgun. 

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East half of the grid, inside the circle with testing site 2 and Plant 01. A safe home can be found directly north of Plant 01, near the middle of the circle. Walk out of the safe house; there is a bus station in front of you and a lake with a pier on the left. In front of you is a rocky precipice with homes on top. The home closest to the cliff’s edge (not the shed) has a golden box on top with the railgun blueprint. To get to the top, climb some hay bales. That is where you will find the rail gun. 

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