How to get Megingjord in Valheim? | Increase Carry Capacity

How to get Megingjord in Valheim Increase Carry Capacity

Like any survival game, Valheim also does an incredible job of making you appreciate every stuff you collect and keep in your inventory. So, to have as much stuff as possible is quite significant in the game of Valheim.

Valheim is packed with items to help you survive, but getting them anywhere can be a daunting task. This is specifically true for metal that cannot be transported through a portal.

Luckily, there is the best solution to carry more weight and it comes from an object called the Megingjord.

The Megingjord is a belt that can be bought from the Merchant. This belt grants you to have superhuman strength that allows you to carry 150 more weight when equipped. Let us check out how to get Megingjord in Valheim that helps to increase carry capacity.

How to get Megingjord in Valheim? Increase carry capacity

Your inventory not only has limited spaces for items, but also a weight limit that can go up to 300. To increase this limit, you need 2 things. At least 950 coins and find the Merchant traveler. You need to get to the Black Forest biome since this is the only zone the merchant lives in.

After doing so, get close to him and interact with him. Among other things on his list of sold items, there is one called “Megingjord”.

It costs a large number of coins, so you must have this amount with you and when you purchase it and have it in your inventory, your load limit increases by 150, reaching a maximum of 450. That is a 50% increase, which is a huge plus for the capacity of your inventory. However, you need to do some work before you can get Megingjord for yourself.

(An important tip: The best method to collect many coins is to farm dungeons and find precious things like jewelry. Then sell out all those rubies and the merchant likes them, and you should not have any problem reaching that amount of money).

It sounds simple, but it is pretty complicated. Haldor is hidden somewhere in the Black Forest biome, and because the game is generated procedurally, there is no other way of knowing where it is right now.

However, it is shown on the map with a special marker when it passes nearby. The simplest method to find it is to skirt the shores of the Black Forest.

If Haldor does not appear, you will have to either go through the middle of the biome or move completely into another Black Forest biome.

Thus, it is worth finding Haldor Merchant to buy Megingjord from him. Get this stuff by following the above method and increase your carry capacity!

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