How to Get Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek Rathore

For Science Fiction Horror fans and especially for the Dead Space fans this is wonderful news as Electronic Arts is back with this legendary game, the game is making a comeback with a new updated, and upgraded version, the Dead Space Remake. There are not many games that have made their places in the hearts of gamers, especially in the horror genre, but the 2008 version with the same name was a big hit and so is expected with this version also. 

To all those who are not aware that the Dead Space Remake is coming with an alternate ending that is accessible through the New Game Plus Mode.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get the dead space remake secret ending.

Dead Space Remake: How to Unlock Secret Ending

The game starts with the USG Ishimura, a wrecked ship that has been given new life and has been captured by Necromorphs, which is the centre of the latest update’s narrative. Isaac Clarke, the main character and the leader of the Concordance Extraction Corporation group, is on a mission to investigate the Ishimura Ship with his team when they mysteriously become separated. From the weaponry and characters to the plot and Ishimura’s resurrection, the game is releasing multiple updates. 

Apart from all this, the game has a mind-bending storyline with multiple quests to complete, the New Game Plus Mode and it has a memorable ending, but here is the twist that the players might not be aware of, the Dead Space Remake has an alternative secret ending.

Secret Ending is not an easy task to obtain; after completing the game, players will receive a message stating that there is a New Plus Mode where they will find some new mysteries to uncover, which are simply 12 marker fragments. Players have to collect all the Marker Fragments and then deposit them into Captain Mathius’ Quarter which is found in the Executive Quarters of the Crew Deck. These Fragment Markers will unlock the Secret Ending.  After they are all deposited, complete the game as usual and then a big cutscene of what happens next will appear on the screen, where Isaac can be seen ending the conversation with “I’m building something for us, and it’s a surprise.” Keep guessing where this “surprise” will lead us.

We hope that the above guide was useful. The game is coming with multiple updates, and we will keep you updated with all the new features of Dead Space Remake. For more Dead Space Remake guides and other gaming content, visit our website.

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