How to Get Bombs in Eastward

How to Get Bombs in Eastward

Eastward is the latest entry in RPG-based games developed by Pixpil. The story of this game is all about John and Sam who explore the world together. This game will remind you old school arcade and RPG games, stuffed with unique characters, striking retro-pixel creation, and of course, a moving story that will surely bound you. Bombs are one of the crucial tools that John has in Eastward. They are also important for fighting several bosses and enemies and solving puzzles. You need to unlock them early in the game. Let’s find out below how to get Bombs in Eastward.

How to Get Bombs in Eastward

In one of the quests, you will be given a task in which you will have to go into the dig site to get rid of slimes. Here in the dig site, you will need to free a colleague of John who is locked in one of the side rooms by joining the wires from the generator. You only need to ensure that these wires are connecting the generator and the panel that is locking the room and it will be opened up. This way, you will be able to free colleagues and also access the bombs.

To use Bombs Eastward, you will need to press the Y or Triangle button and then wait for sometimes to detonate. Make sure to get away from the Bombs or you will lose a bit of your health if you get caught in the blast.  

To pick up, press the A or X button. To refill Bombs in your inventory, you can find some more in dungeons. There you will need to break any of the barrels and you might get some extra bombs. Also, certain enemies drop them when you’ll kill them.

That’s everything you need to know how to Get Bombs in Eastward.

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