How to Get Blue Marlin in NieR Replicant

In the game of Nier Replicant, players have a wide range of fish to catch through its fishing mini-game. Fishing is quite complicated in this game as each fish has its particular locations, species, and catching traits. To complete the Fisherman’s Gambit side quest successfully, you will need to catch most of the available species of fishes that also include Blue Marlin and Sandfish. If you are having trouble catching Blue Marlin, here is the quick guide on how to get Blue Marlin in Nier Replicant.

How to Get Blue Marlin in NieR Replicant

The Blue Marlin is one of the toughest fishes to hook in this game. However, the process to catch Blue Marlin is similar to Sandfish and you will find it off the piers in Seafront. You can use Sardines, rod, and cast and attempt a hook on the first bite. To obtain Sardines, you need to fish on the Seafront beach using Lugworms as bait. You can buy Lungworms from the Seafront bait shop and it costs only 10 gold each.

Once you get Sardines, go to the pier, right beside the old fisherman. To get Blue Marlin fish, you will need to reel in the line on the first nibble rather than waiting for the third. If you will take too much time, you will miss your chance.


Once you get Blue Marlin, press Circle on PS or B on Xbox to reel it in. After that, pull off the left analog stick towards you, in the opposite direction of the ripple in the water.

To pull it fully, if the ripple is in front of you, pull it off straight back. If it is to your right side, pull it back to the left a little.

Once you complete Fisherman’s Gambit quest to catch Blue Marlin, that fish can be bought from the Fish Shop and it costs 3,800 gold each.

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