How to Get Apple Pie Trophy in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is the love-child of Bioshock and Wolfenstein, reincarnated in a Soviet realm with greater visuals and better weapons and more powers and a lot more (oh, and no sprinting). While it presents you with its own tier of horror, formidable bosses, powers and weapons, there are certain moments that are supposed to serve as an escapade from the relentless fighting that keeps you on the edge of your seat. One such escapade is the Apple Pie Trophy. Let’s take a look at how one goes about to obtain this.

How to Get Apple Pie Trophy in Atomic Heart

The Atomic Heart Apple Pie trophy is one of the more intriguing side tasks you can perform during your playthrough. It takes its name from the exercise description, as you’ll be collecting scarlet apples. Some will be easy to find, while others will be in more difficult locations. 

You will not be rewarded directly for finishing this task, which will also take some time. To accomplish the game’s Apple Pie achievement, you must gather approximately 100 apples scattered throughout the game’s universe. Some will even tempt you to use your running abilities (which basically means you need to use Morning Exercise, since Atomic Heart does not provide an option for sprinting). The main reason you’ll want to do this is to earn an extra prize.

The location where you can initiate the Apple Pie accomplishment begins near the conclusion of the “She Shells Moustache on a Seashore” mission, so you’ll need to visit Atomic Heart to get there.

The prior quests will require you to finish Claire from all of her body parts, and you will pass out. You’ll observe strange objects all around you when you wake up. You’ve awoken in a unique condition known as “Limbo.” When you leave the home where you awoke, you will notice that everything else is frozen in time. As you walk around the location, you will notice vibrant red apples floating around it. Simply moving through them will qualify as collection.

There are 114 of these floating fruits in Atomic Heart, and locating them can take some time. At first, there will be plenty near where you wake up from your awareness. To accomplish the Apple Pie title, you’ll need 100 apples. After you’ve collected the first one, you can directly verify the quest status.

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