How To Get All GPS Locators in Sons Of The Forest

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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that is amps up surviving and horrors. Surviving means making traps, acquiring weapons, food and water. And it does so not only in case of the game and its atmosphere that includes dark tunnels, that will traumatize people with claustrophobia, monsters that will give you nightmares, hordes of hungry cannibals, sharks that will dig out that buried fear from the days of Subnautica and a lot more, but also with its quests. With that being said, this is a quest where you need to garner all GPS locators. So keep reading and you will know about the locations of the GPS locators.

How To Get All GPS Locators in Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest has three GPS locators, all of which are situated in the north western portion of the game’s vast area. 

The first is in the top left corner of the chart, just north of the Maintenance B Dig site and west of the Beached Kayaks. It’s concealed among the vegetation near a wooden cross grave. You’ll need a shovel to delve into the earth to recover it.

The second GPS locator position in Sons of the Forest is south of the first GPS location, somewhere in the water. Swim towards a tiny inflatable craft you see in the distance. Climb onboard and look for the GPS locator on a deceased corpse, a pistol, and some other objects on the floor. But be warned: sharks will circle the boat, and you’ll need to use the rifle to keep them at bay.

To get the GPS Locator from the man hanged on the cliff or mountain in Sons of the Forest video game, you will have to go on top of the mountain or the cliff where he is hanged. You can see the location marked in the GPS tracker in the screenshot above. Once you do that, you have to take your tactical axe out. And cut the rope from which he’s hanging. Once his body drops down, you need to go back down and collect the GPS tracker from his corpse. And that’s it you will own the tracker. 

That’s all you need to know to find the GPS trackers in Sons of the Forest.

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