How to Fix Minecraft GLFW Error 65542

 How to Fix Minecraft GLFW Error 65542

Minecraft is amazingly a great sandbox-style game that teaches creativity. The experience of playing this game is immediately really cool and fascinating but unfortunately, it has a ton of bugs and issues that includes OpenGL error, outdated server error, launching the game failed error, and a few others. Along with these issues, many players are currently reporting that they are encountering GLFW error 65542. If you are also running into the same error, let’s understand what are the main reasons behind this error and how you can fix it with some simple and quick workarounds.

Fix Minecraft GLFW Error 65542

Usually, in Minecraft, GLFW error 65542 triggers when the OpenGL library is missing or there are some issues in the graphics driver. Your drivers could be corrupted or outdated and it might be a bug in your current installed version. Whatever the reasons, here is how you can fix Minecraft GLFW error 65542.

1. Since outdated graphics drivers are one of the root causes of GLFW error 65542 in Minecraft, we will start our troubleshooting steps by making sure your graphics driver is updated to the latest version. For this:

– Go to your taskbar and search for the Device Manager and click on it

– Then go to the Display Adapters and open up

– Right-click on your driver and select Update Driver

– The scanning process will start automatically and it will be updated to the latest version

However, if you want to do it manually, then click on the following links.

– For AMD


– For Intel

Once your graphics driver is updated to the latest version, try running the game and you won’t see the error GLFW error 65542 in Minecraft.

2. A missing opengl32.dll file is also one of the reasons behind GLFW error 65542 so the next method includes adding the OpenGL.DD file to the JRE manually to allow the game to start using OpenGL. To do that:

– Open up the website for downloading the dll zip file’s latest version

– Extract the file

– Double-click on opengl32 folder

– Copy the opengl32.dll

– Next, go to C:\Program Files\Java\*JRE Version*\bin

– Right-click on it and select Paste

– Click on “Continue” when you will receive a “Destination folder access denied” 

– If the DLL file is placed correctly, then the Minecraft GLFW Error 65542 should be resolved

3. If the above solutions don’t work, then try uninstalling another install driver. At times, the secondary driver can create multiple issues in the game so removing/disabling it is the best method to fix the error GLFW error 65542 in Minecraft. For this:

– Open up the Run dialogue box by pressing Win + R keys

– Write appwiz.cpl and press Ok

– Search for the DisplayLink Graphics Driver or any other secondary driver installed on your system and uninstall it

– Once removed, restart your system and try running the game again

These are the only potential methods you can try to fix Minecraft GLFW error 65542.

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