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How to Fish in Tales of Arise and Best Fishing Locations

How to Fish in Tales of Arise and Best Fishing Locations

Defeating enemies and questing is one of the exciting parts of RPG-based games. However, it is nice to relax for some time and take a short break from the game’s main storyline. You can decorate a house, cook any delicious meal, or raise a pet. In Tales of Arise, fishing is one of the side activities which you will enjoy when you want to relax. In the following guide, we will learn how to fish in Tales of Arise and the best fishing locations.

How to Fish in Tales of Arise and Best Fishing Locations

You cannot unlock fishing at the beginning of the game. You’ll need to play the main story until you join Kisara at your party. And once she joins, go to the nearby campsite and watch a Kisara’s cutscene where she will teach you how to fish. Once that cutscene ends, you can then start unlocking fishing spots. When you get a specific fishing spot, then select the rod and bait it with whatever you have planned. Once your fishing equipment is ready, you are all set to start fishing. For fishing easily, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. To start fishing, you just need to cast your line on that spot where fishes appear. Your blue marker line turns yellow when you will find the correct location for fishing.

2. When you pick up your spot, a minigame will be popped up.

3. Make sure to press the right-side button to move the fishes towards the green circle on the left of the line. The button and order will define which fish you will catch.

4. Once you catch a fish, a bar will be highlighted. Also, you will see certain arrows on the line. That means you will need to move your Rod Controls controller stick or button in that particular direction.

5. Next, you’ll need to drain the fish’s life bar and once you see that bar is empty, that indicates that you have caught a fish successfully.

What are the Best Fishing Locations in Tales of Arise

Here are all the best fishing locations in Tales of Arise.

– Cyslodia in Nevira Snowplains

– Calagila in Cave of Solitude

– Cyslodia in Frozen Valley

– Menancia in Overseer Hill

– Mahag Saar in Adan Lake

– Mahag Saar in Hidden Wharf

– Menancia in Talka Pond Road

– Mahag Saar in Adan Ruins

– Ganath Haros in Shinefall Woods

– Ganath Haros in Fogwharl Limestone Caverns

– Ganath Haros in Lavtu Marshlands

– Uninhabited Island

That’s all for this guide on How to Fish in Tales of Arise and Best Fishing Locations.

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