How to Find 3 Aspects of Ford in Psychonauts 2

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Our old and crazy friend, Ford Cruller, is welcomed even in Psychonauts 2. When you get out of his mind, he will have distributed all through the Motherlobe and you will need to find out 3 aspects of Ford’s mind. He has mentioned 3 important things he wants you to do: Clean the shoes, cutting the hair, and sort the mail. If you have no idea how to find 3 aspects of Ford in Psychonauts 2, let’s find out in the following.

How to Find 3 Aspects of Ford in Psychonauts 2

Following are the locations of 3 aspects of Ford in Psychonauts 2.

1. Bowling Ford Fragment

This garment you will find on the right side beside the barber Ford. You need to turn to the left side and you will find the entrance to the bowling alley. Go down straight to the hallway and confirm the location of the Ford fragment.

2. Barber Ford Fragment

This fragment you will find inside the Hair Salon. Go straight to the southwest of the map inside the Motherlobe and there you will find its entrance. Here you will not be able to get into the shop so just confirm his location and go ahead.

3. Mail Clerk Ford Fragment

The third and the last Ford Fragment will be found in the mailroom. Go to the lobby’s east direction, specifically where Razputin had his placement. Go into the mailroom and you will find Ford in the office of the mailroom.

Once you will confirm all Ford’s locations, you can then select and report to Truman. You may also proceed to other missions.

That’s all for this guide on how to find 3 aspects of Ford in Psychonauts 2.

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