How to Fight the Secret Boss in Persona 3 Portable

 How to Fight the Secret Boss in Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable is a one of its kind game in the genre of roleplaying games as players can go with the characters of their choice during their expedition in the game. Players take the role of a high school boy or a girl and join a particular group called SEES to investigate the dark hour. There are numerous additions that have been made to the game, which will add more powers to the characters on equipping and so much more. Players encounter a lot of new quests, puzzles, and requests which will offer them some fantastic rewards. Players have to make choices between the characters at the beginning of the game to start the expedition. There are secret boss fights that players have to face during the gameplay, which players must be expecting a walkthrough on.

In this guide, we will discuss how to fight the secret boss in Persona 3 Portable.

Persona 3 Portable: How to Fight the Secret Boss

This secret boss is one of the most challenging bosses to take down in Persona 3 Portable. To fight this boss, players first have to beat the Reaper and then reach the secret dungeon. If your in-game character is male, then you will tackle Elizabeth, and if your character is female, then you will have to tackle Theodore in the game; both fights will be fought using the same tactics with strict rules to be followed during the Fights. 

Players will find this boss on the tenth floor of the Monad.

To reach the Monad, players first have to complete the request53; in this request, players have to find and beat the Reaper to get a bloody button.

Players have to spend time on that player so that “more shadows on this floor than usual” appears.

Your team has to be at least level 75 so that you can beat him easily.

After completing this quest go back to the top after unlocking Monad from the first floor of Tartarus.

Then, players have to initiate the request55 for the boss to appear on the tenth floor.

Players have to keep one thing in mind the boss must be fought alone.

If a player breaks the rules, then he will receive damage of  9999, which can kill the player ultimately. 

This boss has 20000 HP, so players have to follow a technique of attacking him when his HP falls below 10000 and above 9000 to deal 9999 damage.

Players can use Armageddon, which is a combination of Satan and Helel personas, to deal 9999 damage only when the above strategy is matched.  

Use this in a cycle until the boss is eliminated.

Players can use Infinity Fusion Spell to tackle the attacks.

This concludes the guide here; for more Persona 3 Portable guides and other gaming content, refer to our website.

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