How to Embark Land Units in Humankind

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Humankind is one of the latest video games developed by Amplitude Studios. The game is released recently on 17th August for Mac OS, Stadia, and Microsoft Windows. Like other Civilization games, there can be several victory conditions but, in Humankind, it is based entirely on the Fame score. The units travel the world, interact with others, find out new locations, and pave the overlay path for future generations. However, water is all around and so it is quite difficult to land on the land. So, in the following guide, we will talk about how to embark on land units in Humankind.

How to Embark Land Units in Humankind

In order to embark on land units in Humankind, it is very important to research well. Let’s learn how to do it well?

One of the best routes is Trade Expeditions that unlocks the Transport Galley. Once your unit will be able to access Trade Expedition, you can then build the Transport Galley.

Your units can undertake into the water and board the ships and start exploring lands. Once your units enter the water, a Transport Galley can be built in no time.

Here, it is important to note that the Transport Galley is limited to a Coastal Ship. It means it will get destroyed if it takes more than a single tun across the deep water. So, if you want to send your units in the deep water, make sure to research the Three-Masted Ship technology in the Early Modern Era. This way, your Transport Galleys will be upgraded to Caravels. However, the unique Langskip unit of Norse Culture will replace the Caravel and you will find it at the Medieval Era Seafaring Mastery technology.

Once you have this technology, then you can transfer your units to the ocean and they can cross it without any problems.

That’s all for this guide on How to Embark Land Units in Humankind.

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