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How to Dive in (FFXIV) Final Fantasy XIV

How to Dive in (FFXIV) Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy FF14 Endwalker is the 3rd expansion pack to Final Fantasy. It is going to release on 07th Dec. 2021 but those players who have pre-ordered this game, have already started enjoying this exciting game from 03rd Dec. The swimming and diving ability is not a new feature in Final Fantasy game series but if you are new to this new expansion, you should learn how to perform it. While sitting on the surface of a water body, often you can dive underwater to explore the inner world, complete certain quests, and discover new regions. Here is how you can dive in Final Fantasy XIV. 

Diving in (FFXIV) Final Fantasy XIV

When you start making progress in the main story quests, you won’t get the ability to dive initially. When you complete the quest “In Soroban We Trust”, it will give you the rewards with the diving ability, and that quest, you will need to complete a Level 63 in Tamamizu, in the Ruby Sea location.

To perform dive in (FFXIV) Final Fantasy XIV, you will have to swim in the body water which is quite deep like The Ruby Sea of the massive lake in the Azim Steppe. While swimming, here are the default button to perform dive.

– On PC: Press Ctrl + Spacebar. If that doesn’t work, check your keybinds in case you’ve changed those keys.

– On Xbox: Hit the B button

– On PlayStation: The circle button

Simply use these buttons to start exploring underwater automatically. You can also use some mounts for much faster travel speeds.

That’s how you can dive in (FFXIV) Final Fantasy XIV.

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