How to Deflect & Counter Attacks in NieR Replicant

NieR Replicant is finally going to release today i.e. on the 23rd of April for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You are going to encounter numerous enemies in the game and you will need to slice and dice your way through the game. They will come your way to interrupt and will try to stop you in your steps. However, you can also deflect their attacks and deliver dreadful counter-blows. That’s why it is very important to know and learn how to deflect and counter attacks in NieR Replicant which will help you to protect your health bar.

How to Deflect & Counter Attacks in NieR Replicant

To deflect an attack, you only need to press L2 on PS and LT on Xbox One as soon as the enemy attacks you. If you’ll do it timely and correctly, you will see NieR parry the attack away, and that leaves the enemy open to a counter-attack.

For counterattack after deflecting, you have to attack while the enemy is still reacting stunned or backward. At the time of ranged attacks, you can deviate them and prevent yourself from damages you will not shock an enemy to open them up for a counter-attack.

On higher difficulty settings, deflecting attacks are worth using. Also, it is important to know that sometimes you are better off simply dodging attacks and get a few quick hits on an enemy after. The more you’ll play and learn the game NieR Replicant, you will know in a better way when you should deflect and when you only need to dodge out.

That’s all for the guide on How to Deflect & Counter Attacks in NieR Replicant. Also learn Where to Find the Chicken Egg in NieR Replicant | Lost Egg Quest Guide.

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