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How to Defeat the Strider Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

How to Defeat the Strider Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic the Hedgehog is back in Sonic Frontiers, the newest installment of the platform game where you will be exploring the world of Starfall Island. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to defeat the Strider Guardians in Sonic Frontiers.

How to Beat the Strider Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

There are a lot of enemies that you will be coming across as you play Sonic Frontiers and progress through the levels. Some of them are quite dangerous so you should prepare accordingly before going forth to fight them. The Strider Guardians are one such enemy who will try to take you down.

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As you explore the map, you will come across some labeled Guardians with different names. There are quite a few types and are more powerful than the standard enemy, almost like a mini boss. They are enormous in size as well, which might seem intimidating at first.

However, all you need to do is figure out what they do to defeat them. They have large limbs and are surrounded by rings which you need to run through to beat the Strider Guardians. Their attacks consist of throwing rings at you which you need to avoid. You can run up the rings once they have changed their color from red to black. When you do so, they will turn blue.

Once you have run through the entire rain, it will further change into white. This means that you will now be able to jump onto the next one. Your goal is to reach the three rails that surround the Strider Guardian’s core. When you have arrived there, you will need to slide on them until they turn white too. The Guardian will attack you with its hits, and you need to jump from rail to rail to avoid them. 

You will see a platform appear under the Strider Guardian’s core, and this is when you need to hit the core with all you’ve got to defeat it.

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