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How to Defeat Dohalim Boss in Tales of Arise

How to Defeat Dohalim Boss in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is the newest entry in JRPG by Bandai Namco’s long-running Tales series. Similar to the previous series of games, you will encounter many wild, giant, and powerful bosses in order to complete levels and tasks in this game. Dohalim Boss is one of the violent monsters you will need to defeat. Dohalim is the first boss battle that you will have to use all 5 characters and make sure that Kisara is already in your team as this boss hits really hard and so Kisara is the best way to beat this boss. The following guide aims to help you defeat Dohalim Boss in Tales of Arise. 

How to Defeat Dohalim Boss in Tales of Arise

Following is the best strategy to beat Dohalim Boss in Tales of Arise.

Avoid His Rod Spins Attacks

All attacks of Dohalim are very dreadful especially Rods as they can be difficult to manage. So, you simply need to avoid these attacks to save your CP as well as resources.

Attack when Dohalim Rests

After finishing a range of attacks on your party, Dohalim will go for the rest, this is the moment to release a series of combos and attacks on him. It is recommended to use Alphen’s or Law’s Boost Attack. 

Use Boost Attack of Kisara and Stop His Attacks

When the battle enters into the second phase, Dohalim will start attacking you which can immediately Knock-out you, or it can decrease your HP extremely. You need to stop this immediately and for that, you can use Boost Attack of Kisara. These attacks will force Dohalim to kneel down and rest. Also, you can stop his Charge Attacks by performing an absolute block as he comes near to Kisara.

That’s How to Defeat Dohalim Boss in Tales of Arise.

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