How to craft a Molotov Cocktail in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game which is a successor to its predecessor “The Forest” and it amplifies the horror aspect to a whole new level. So, when you are traversing the island alone, you might face hordes of cannibals or uncanny monsters. If you think you can deal with them with sticks and stones, then I got to say that this is not Minecraft. There is no option for crits or axe kills in this one. This is pure horror. And when in doubt, use fire to torch your enemies. Because what’s better than dealing with human devouring cannibals, than to roast them, sprinkle a bit of barbecue sauce (nah, that’s taking it too far). But you get the idea. So, we shall tell you how to make a Molotov that helps you do this. 

How to craft a Molotov Cocktail in Sons of the Forest 

After examining all the containers at the accident scene, you ought to have a few cloth items in your collection. A neighbouring base camp at the end of the meandering river may also contain some. 

Speaking of alcohol bottles, you might come across one close to the scene of the accident that contains a bottle of booze. Yeah, don’t drink it. There’s no time for your gloom or joy. That said, both the adjacent tunnel and the aforementioned base camp may contain a pair.

Molotov - Crafting Recipe - The Forest: Map

Once you have both goods, hit the “I” key to access your inventory. Right-click the piece of cloth and the vodka container in the interface’s top left corner (lower-left portion). Both objects will be positioned in the interface’s middle as a result. 

Next, click and hold the right mouse button while highlighting the menu symbol. Once you have combined all the necessary items, you can create a Molotov Grenade in Sons of the Forest. To use your lighter, select the object to equip it, then hit the “L” key.

To ignite it and then hurl it, take notice of the button’s prompt. Any enemies struck by this will be scorched by a fiery explosion that will occur in a small area.

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