How to control AKM recoil in PUBG Mobile

 How to control AKM recoil in PUBG Mobile

PUBG is known for offering a wide range of weapons in every category, whether SMGs, ARs or DMRs, etc. AKM is one of the best weapons that PUBG offers to its players, dealing high damage, and can wipe out a whole squad of four in one go if the players know how to use this beast correctly—being a 7.62mm ammo weapon, it is already a close range pro just like its other 7.62mm contemporaries. One thing that the players have constantly criticized this weapon about is its recoil. AKM is also at the top of the list of weapons that are infamous for their recoil. In this guide, we will provide the solution to control the recoil of AKM.

How Can I control the recoil of AKM in PUBG Mobile?

Recoil is one of the first things that the players encounter during the gameplay, as some guns can give you an adamant time as far as the recoil is concerned; they are sometimes the reason for being dead because when a squad rushes at the players the recoil can backstab them at the wrong time. Especially the weapons that use 7.62mm ammo are really hard to control. AKM is already infamous among these weapons, and it also tops the list of the guns with the worst recoil, despite being a dangerous assault rifle in close range. Recoil is basically the rebound that the players experience when they fire; this rebound makes the gun lose its aim. There are multiple ways to control the recoil of these weapons.

Here is how players can control the recoil of AKM.

  1. The first and easiest way to control the recoil of AKM is by using the attachments. Players can go with a compensator, which is a muzzle, and it considerably lowers the recoil of the weapons along with compensator, players should attach a red dot or a holographic sight, or they can choose to go with iron-sight only, in close range, extended quickdraw magazine should be used to minimize the reloading time and increase the mag capacity.
  1. The second way to control the recoil can be by using the gyroscope sensor, as it can control the recoil in the long-range also (only recommended to veteran players).
  1. Third and one of the most helpful ways is by going prone while handling the weapon (recommended in mid-range and long-range combats).
  1. Fourth way is by only using the iron sight (recommended in close-range combats).

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