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How to Complete the Tulum Expedition in Forza Horizon 5

How to Complete the Tulum Expedition in Forza Horizon 5

In this game, Tulum Expedition is one of the parts of the Horizon Apex Festival in which you’ll want to complete the Optional Accolade that tasks you with reaching the top of the central ruin. Upon completing, a new rumor will be unlocked. You will have to complete it in a proper way along with different targets. Here is a proper guide on how to complete the Tulum Expedition in Forza Horizon 5. 

Steps to Complete the Tulum Expedition in Forza Horizon 5

Since completing the Tulum Expedition is a bit tricky, here is a complete and simple step-by-step guide. In order to begin Tulum Expedition in Forza Horizon 5, you need to start with the intro of this chapter and next proceed towards Tulum site which is located in Ek’ Balam which you will find on the Southeaster side of your map. 

If you’ve the option to set a track for the title itself that, for the record, is a blue trail on the side of the road – locating this site shouldn’t be a big problem.

Once you reach this site, you can go immediately towards Ramiro who is a follower of the expedition team of you can complete some of the optional objectives. However, these are not mandatory but they will allow you to gain some additional Accolade points. Here are the details of the 5 optional objectives.

1. Photograph the Jade Statue: You’ll want to take a photograph of the Jade Statue at the site. Go to the Expedition site and search around the Northern area. There you will get several wooden sticks along with a green statue which is known as the Jade Statue. Once you got it, take a photo and move forward to the next objective.

2. Reach on the top of the Central Ruin: In order to complete this challenge, you’ll have to climb up the Central Ruin which is a large-sized structure that you will find in the middle of the site. Get on any one of the two ramps and drive up until you get to the peak level.

3. Search for the site for the Horizon Pulse radio beacon: You can start this challenge right after the above Central Ruin objective and before the Golden Statue. Once you enter into the Central Ruin from the lakeside, then come directly to the east side. Follow the trail and you will find a wooden surface. Here you need to keep your car at the right spot and then click on X when you get an option to place to the radio beacon.

4. Take a photo of the Golden Statue: The next objective is to take a photo of the Golden Statue. To find this statue, go to the expedition site and find out the Central Ruin. Then go to the Southeast and search for a small-sized battered structure. On this spot, you will find several sticks pointed in the air. Under these sticks, you will find a Golden Statue. Once found, take a photo 

Once you complete these 4 challenges or if you don’t want to do any of them, go towards Ramiro and the accompanying plane for which is the final objective. You can find him at the South-Eastern part of the expedition site. You will get to know when you are there as you can see a yellow symbol. Next, you need to trail the blue patch and the squad, head to the Horizon Apex Outpost and that is done. You have successfully completed Tulum Expedition in Forza Horizon 5.

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