How to Complete Postman Pat Quest in Escape From Tarkov

 How to Complete Postman Pat Quest in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is infamous for giving its players some hard times with the quests, and the reason behind this is the obscure hints that are given to the players. Also, it’s not that difficult for the players who are determined to look for the hints carefully. One such quest is the Postman Pat Quest though it is not that hard to complete this quest comparatively. Now the question arises how to complete the Postman Pat Quest in Escape Tarkov? Follow the below guide to solve the quest easily.

How to Finish Postman Pat’s Quest In Escape From Tarkov?

In this quest, the item to be searched for is a letter written by Prapor.

So, to be eligible to complete the Postman Pat Quest, the players should be above level 10; otherwise, the quest will be locked if the above need is not matched.

To begin with, the quest players have to head over to the factory, and in the factory, they have to search for the messenger’s body, be careful while you are in the factory as there may be other players already there who can kill you.

Don’t get killed, as you have to redo the quest if you are killed.

After entering the factory, players have to look for a bunker. To find the bunker, you have to look for a wall that has “1986” written on it.

Right below the 1986 wall, there will be the bunker, which players have to enter.

In this bunker, you will find the dead scav body (messenger); players have to physically search for his jacket & in this jacket, you will find the letter; players will be notified if they are close to the letter.

After getting access to the letter, players have to extract it from the game successfully.

After the successful extraction, part 1 of the quest is completed. After this, the letter should be handed over to the therapist, and it will complete part 2 of Postman Pat Quest.

Follow the Yellow Arrow to navigate the bunker.

To conclude, Postman Pat Quest comes up with amazing rewards ranging from Roubles to EXP and  Beta 2 battlepack and so much more. So go ahead and complete the quest and win amazing rewards.

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