How to Check Modern Warfare 2 Server Status- Are Servers Down?

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Antara B

Bugs, errors, and glitches are some of the most annoying troubles in a game. But the most annoying one is the server issues. Errors and glitches can sometimes be solved or at least fixed temporarily, but when server issues occur, there is nothing players can do except for waiting for the developers to fix them. Especially when the most-anticipated titles come, a massive crowd tries to join the server simultaneously, which causes the server to crash. However, there are lots of other reasons behind the server issues.

Modern Warfare 2 was released only a few hours back and already players face several bugs and errors including Multiplayer Server Queue Screen Errors, Crashing and failing to launch the game, etc. Now, if you face server issues this guide will help you check the server status of Modern Warfare 2 to know whether the server is down or not.

How Can I Check the Modern Warfare 2 Server Status?

As we have mentioned, server issues are the most annoying problems, but unfortunately, they are one of the unavoidable issues. No matter which game you pick, every game shows server problems once or twice. Server down is a common issue with no solution from the player’s end. Sometimes the developers cause the server to go down if they have some maintenance work to do, or sometimes the servers go down because of excessive pressure.

Modern Warfare 2 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited games of this year and finally the game released on 28th October 2022. Though players got the beta version before and also was available on early access a week earlier, still when the official version was released, a huge crowd tried to join the server causing them to go down. If you try to log in to Modern Warfare 2, your attempts fail. It may be a server issue. Moreover, no matter whether it is a server issue or not, you must check the server status to confirm because if it is a server issue, you can do nothing except for waiting; otherwise, you can try other fixes to solve this issue. To check whether it is a server issue or not, follow the below methods-

  1. Follow the COD Official Twitter Account. If the developers have any plans to work on the servers, they inform the players beforehand through Twitter. Check the Twitter Posts to find out if they have posted something. Additionally, players often complain about their problems on Twitter; you can check if other players are also facing the same problem or not.
  2. Next, Visit Activision Support to check if there is any news regarding the server down. Once on the website, select the game and your platform to check whether the servers are running well or not.
  3. Finally, you can visit the Call of Duty Down Detector to see whether there is any issue with the servers reported within the last 24 hours.

If you find the servers are down, you can do nothing except for waiting for the servers to be back. However, if the servers are running correctly and you still face the issue, that will be a problem on your side. Restart your game and your PC, check your internet connection, uninstall and reinstall the game, disable your anti-virus, or try to run the game as administrator to fix the problem. Generally, minor issues solve through these methods.

That’s all you need to do to check the server status of Modern Warfare 2.

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Update 21 Sep 2022 – Are Modern Warfare 2 Servers Down

The early access and the open beta for PlayStation have ended, and the servers are down, readying up for the crossplay beta and the early access beta for Xbox and PC. So, if you try to play the game today, you will likely get the above error.

The servers are down today and will remain so until the launch of the early access for PC; until then, you cannot play the game. PlayStation players can again play the game from 22 Sep.

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