How to Change Character in Eastward

How to Change Character in Eastward

In Eastward, you will have two main characters – John and Sam. John has several strong melee attacks and on the other hand, a little girl Sam can use her controls to hold down enemies for John. Thus, swapping or changing characters between John and Sam will be very important in some locations of the Eastward. In some boss battles, you will be requiring to change them so that you will have the right characters with the correct skillset. Let’s find out below how to change Character in Eastward.

How to Change Character in Eastward

There are several dungeons in this game that will require characters to split and work together to progress in the game. When you divide them, it is important to swap/change between them so that they can perform well according to their playstyle and skillset.

Changing characters in Eastward is pretty simple. You just need to scroll down or up on your mouse wheel. Or you can press RT or R2 button to switch between the characters effortlessly. 

This change happens quickly and you can do it repeatedly if you want to experiment on the enemy or a puzzle. You can do this as much time as you want throughout the game. So, at any point in the game, you can easily manage the characters you are playing with – John or Sam.

That’s how you can change or swap characters in Eastward.

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