How to Build a Hearth in Valheim

This will surely be your first work in Valheim. Therefore, you should know how to build a hearth in Valheim that will allow you to have optimal comfort and a fire capable of cooking directly inside your home. But, before you starting crafting the Hearth, there are some things you require.

Basic requirements:

Here is everything you will need to build that first dignified house in the Valheim.

  • A workbench, which you must place under a roof to make the hoe, necessary for terraforming.
  • The construction hammer.
  • Lots of wood.
  • And a little patience to get used to the construction tool.

How to Build a Hearth in Valheim

Once you collect all the fundamental things, then proceed to the following things to build a home in Valheim.

1. Before you start to build a hearth in Valheim, you need to make a hammer. To do this, you can take 2 stones and 3 pieces of wood. Use a stone axe to cut down trees for wood quickly. You will be required about 20 pieces of woods to create a shelter that can contain a bed and a workbench.

2. Now equip yourself with the hammer and click on the right mouse button. This will open the “Architecture” menu. It will allow you to make walls and other structures. 

3. For the first shelter, use basic wooden walls, since you need to build a hearth as soon as possible to put the workbench. Use a thatched roof to cover the top. You can use the shift key on the left to change the setting, making it easier for you to connect the elements.

Tips Before Building Hearth

While building a hearth in Valheim, following important tips you need to note:

1. Do not forget that you can destroy and recover the resources of any element thanks to the hammer: by clicking on the wheel of your mouse and done, it is erased.

2. We recommend that you find a fairly flat area in the grasslands to build your first base. A clear clearing area will do.

3. You will need space to store chests, beds, and other workshops. We recommend the construction of at least 5 boards by 5.

4. If you want to put a fire inside it, it cannot be placed directly on the ground. You will need to break a board with the hammer. But be careful, certain conditions are unfavourable for an indoor fireplace.

5. When you hammer over an item in your home, you will see its durability indicator appear. The latter can be repaired with a single click.

6. Don’t forget to mark your house on the map: open it, click on the house icon, then double-click on your base location. You can name it too.

7. Don’t get too fond of your first building: later, you will have access to much more resistant building materials. And like a good Viking, you will be forced to set sail for new horizons.

With these steps and important tips to keep in your mind, you can easily build a hearth in Valheim. It will be your refuge, which goes without saying: bad weather and cold affect the regeneration of your health and resistance.

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