How to Build a City in Humankind

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

To build a city is the cornerstone of every Empire in Humankind as the main development part of this game mostly involves developing Humankind territory. However, Nomadic Tribes can’t create cities. Building cities is only available from the Ancient Era. Since this game is a bit complex to play, the best is to start with some simple actions which are building cities. In the following guide, we will learn how to build a city in Humankind.

How to Build a City in Humankind

Since the players are not able to build a city in the first era of Humankind which is the Neolithic Era, they need to start building cities in the second era which is the ancient era and onwards.

However, you can only go with Humankind attach outposts in the beginning. So, first of all, you will need to learn how to create outposts in Humankind and then they turn into the city. For this process, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. First of all, you will select a unit

2. Then go to the unit’s menu and click on the ‘Claim territory’ button

3. From this point, you can start clicking on unclaimed tiles which will cost you 5 influences. The best way to get influence at the beginning of the game is to explore highlighted curiosity tiles.

Now, it is time to upgrade this outpost.

How to Upgrade Outpost in Humankind

Once you get into an ancient era and select a culture, you will get the ‘city creation’ action automatically. When you click on an outpost, the action will be there under the infrastructure tab.

When you click on the button of ‘City creation’, the outpost will be turned into the main plaza which is the core of the city and then you can expand it with other new technologies and structures.

When you progress in the game, you will see several different methods to create cities. Following are things you will unlock when you progress in the game.

1. ‘Colony model’ can be unlocked in the Medieval Era by investigating feudalism.

2. ‘Colony plan’ can be unlocked in the early modern era. Also, you can unlock 3 masted ships’ technology.

3. ‘Colony grid’ can be unlocked with civil engineering technology.

4. Finally, you can unlock the ‘Colony blueprint’ by using steam engine technology in the industrial era.

That’s how you can Humankind attach outposts and then upgrade them into the cities. 

We hope this guide will help build Humankind territory. 

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