Destroy All Humans

How to Beat or Defeat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans

How to Beat or Defeat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans

After you have dealt with Robo-Prez, the next fight and the final encounter with the main boss – Silhouette – starts after a cutscene video. If you have managed to kill beta Robo-Prez, Silhouette should be easy. She is a difficult target with her jumps, but the attacks are not as lethal as the robot. Having said that, you should not take the fight with the final boss lightly. During the fight you will have plenty of opportunity to grab ammo and health, use those opportunities effectively to survive the fight. Stick around and we will show you how to beat or defeat Silhouette – the final boss – in Destroy All Humans.

How to Beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans

As soon as the cutscene ends, Silhouette will share her location i.e. at Octagon and the fight is on from there on.

However, before you start the fight it is recommended that you upgrade your weapons to the max possible especially the incinerator and lighting gun, and of course your health. To make things easier during the fight, you must also upgrade the dash a few times. It will help you get to cover faster and escape fires as you are looking for energy or ammo.

Besides her quick movement, Silhouette also has an invisible force field that protects her. When you start to fire on her it will become visible. But, the force field won’t last long in the fight. With persistent fire, you can break the force field and she will start taking more damage. When the shield is broken, it will stun her for a brief moment. At this moment, she is really vulnerable and you should fire with all you have. I recommend the incinerator gun.

Walkthrough to Defeat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans

As soon as the fight starts, Silhouette will be in the central area pointing the gun at you and before you realize she will start firing, no chit chat nothing. Dodge her shots, get little closer, and start firing on her with the electric gun. Keep hitting her without break and she will rise into the air. Break her shield before she gets too high or she will start to shoot with homing shot and it will damage quite a bit. The only way to avoid this is to keep shooting her as she rises and break her shield. Doing this will also unlock the optional objective at this level and bring her to the ground.

Once she lands on the ground, attacking her is much easier. Dodge her fires using the Jetpack as much as possible and keep shooting at her with the gun of your choosing. Using the electric gun is recommended as it offers a more consistent fire while you can regenerate some of your shield.

During the fight when you are on the field, you will start the hear a beeping sound and the sky will start to turn red, run to the purple shield behind a shipping crate and take cover. At this time Robo-Prez will bombard the entire battlefield with heavy fire. If you are caught in the fire, your shield will get heavily damaged and probably lose the fight. If you have the option, hide in the same dome as Silhouette. She will not fire at you during this time. But, you can take advantage of the situation and expose her to Robo-Prez attack. You have to time it right though. Shoot at her if you are in the same dome when the attack is on and she to run to another dome, exposing her to Robo-Prez fire.

Continue the fight and keep targeting her with your guns. If she gets away from you she will rise up to the sky and when she get high enough she will start firing seeking projectiles.

When her health is down substantially, she will start jumping all over the area. At this moment, save your ammo as you cannot do her any damage. But, don’t stop following her. At some point she will head to the pylon and start to get her health back. It appears as a purple pillar. In this area, you will see a turret, destroy it and you will get the ion exploder gun. Use the gun to destroy the pylon. Once you do that, the next stage of the fight will start.

At this phase, Silhouette will have two new attacks – a rapid-fire and a purple beam. The purple beam is easy to escape using the jetpack to hover over or under the fire. Don’t stop firing at any stage, use the electric gun and when she is stunned use the incinerator. You will also notice some humans appear who will fire at you, kill them quickly and return to attacking Silhouette.

While you get busy with the humans, she will start to rise again to use the seeking projectiles, but quickly turn your attention to her and start shooting at her.

At one point, Robo-Prez will return to the fight. Kill the Robo-Prez, it will only take a little bit of consistent fire as the robot is already weak. Once it is killed, turn your attention back to the Silhouette. When her health is down again, she will jump around in the air and return to the second pylon. Do the same thing, destroy the turret and the pylon. This time there may be two turrets if the last pylon only had one.

Now comes the third phase of the fight, at this phase, more humans will spawn. Some will be on mechs while others on foot. The humans are distractions so dispose them as quickly as possible. In the third phase, Silhouette will have a new attack in addition to her other attacks. She will create circular rings around the battle field. Don’t comes inside these rings, don’t let her rise up in the sky and keep attacking her.

If you continue attacking her, she has no more pylon to regain health and will finally lose. The final cutscene video will start and you have Destroyed the Humans. That’s all we have in this guide, I hope now you know how to beat or defeat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans.

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