How to acquire the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest

Debarun Joardar
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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that amps up surviving and horrors. Surviving means making traps, acquiring weapons, food and water. And it does so not only in case of the game and its atmosphere that includes dark tunnels, that will traumatize people with claustrophobia, monsters that will give you nightmares, hordes of hungry cannibals, sharks that will dig out that buried fear from the days of Subnautica and a lot more, but also with its quests. 

So, in a survival horror game, survival is equally important. And you know what happens when our hunting skills are low? And we have been born in urban areas. We are unable to hunt in the beginning, at least not enough to fill our tummies. So we rely on canned goods. This game captured this aspect beautifully. Thus, you would need a can-opener to take care of your canned foods and fill your tummy until you get acquainted with traps and hunting. So how do you find the can opener?

How to get the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest

The can opener can be located in the map’s snow area. You don’t need to go inside a cave or access any doors to get it because it’s right outside in the open, ready for you to take it up. Simply go to the spot depicted in the picture below and you’ll discover a frozen lake. This lagoon will also have an opening to a cave. You must go to the crimson tent on the right side of the entryway and look for the can opener on the ground.

You might be wondering what to do with your Can Opener now that you have it. It’s honestly quite easy! Simply access your Inventory and join the Can Opener with some Canned Food (if you have any). After a brief sequence, you will have access to the contents of the can via your inventory.

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