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How is Fish Used in New World

How is Fish Used in New World

In the game of New World, Fishing is one of the side activities that offer you rewards with different types of fish that can be used for cooking foods. You can also sell them at the market. If you want to take a break from fighting and exploring the world, then fishing is the best way to take a rest. Let’s learn here how to fish used in New World – A complete guide.

How to Fish Used in New World – A complete guide

Fishing in New World is quite a simple process. For fishing, you will need to:

1. Obtain a Fishing Rod first of all. That you will get through a quest outside the Westward town or by buying from the Auction House.

2. Find out a proper Bait. It will be easier your fishing process and you will be able to catch a great number of fish.

3. Now press F3 to begin fishing in New World. In order to cast the rod, you will need to hold M1.

Thus, the entire fishing process is quite interesting as well as challenging. In the beginning, it can be a bit difficult, but once you learned it properly, it is a really enjoyable and fun activity in New World.

Types of Fishes to catch in New World

Here is a quick list of all the different types of fish in New World which you will encounter while fishing.

– Catfish

– Perch

– Salmon

– Dragon Fish

– Sturgeon

– Albenaja

– Bass

– Piranha

– Tadpoles

– Pike

– Aquatic Snail

In New World, Fishing has a dedicated skill line. However, you will need more practice to get higher skills which will let you discover more Fishing Hotspots. There are certain exclusive spots on the map where you can get a chance to catch rare fish.

That’s everything you need to know about How is Fish Used in New World?

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