Honkai Star Rail Choice Guide- Should You Battle Dan Shu or Not

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Honkai Star Rail is one of the most played RPGs of recent times, and since the game was released, players have jumped into it to explore all the possible features. As you progress through the game, you will explore new areas, meet new NPCs and receive new missions. However, sometimes, players need to make decisions that may affect their further progress. If you are confused about fighting Dan Shu or not in Honkai Star Rail, go through our guide for the required information.

Should You Let Dan Shu Go in Honkai Star Rail? Explained

Since Honkai Star Rail was released, players have been grinding through the game to explore all the features possible. Except for completing missions and fighting enemies, there are several more things to do, and one of them is to decide whether to fight an enemy or let her go.

As you progress and complete various missions, you will encounter Dan Shu several times. Initially, she is harmless, but eventually, you will discover that she is a spy, and there comes the decision to fight her or let her go. We will tell you the consequences of both choices-

Should You Let Dan Shu Go in Honkai Star Rail? Explained

Let Dan Shu Go

If you decide to let her go, Dan Shu will be happy, but she will inform you that your friendship has ended. She will be your enemy in the future. She also informs that she doesn’t want to meet you again. Next, with a few more words, she will leave with her companions.

Battle Dan Shu

If you decide to battle Dan Shu, she will tell you that she thought you would be her friend and regret your choice. Next, she will leave her army to fight with you. She won’t fight herself. She will leave, and you have to fight with her monster companions.

These are the outcomes of these two choices. In both cases, Dan Shu will leave. You can’t stop her from leaving. So, it is better to choose the option based on whether you want the fight. If you want to avoid additional fights, let Dan Shu go.

That’s all you need to know about whether to fight Dan Shu in Honkai Star Rail.

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