Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List

Shubham Chaurasia
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Honkai Star Rail is a game that features unique characters and storylines. Players can meet many characters as they progress through the main story and side quests. Some of these characters are playable, but which ones are good for more than just their looks? Which ones can help you win battles? This guide will give you a Tier list of all the characters in Honkai Star Rail as of its release date.

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Honkai Star Rail Tier List

The Tier List will have 4 Tiers namely – S, A, B and C. Each of the units shown in the tier won’t be ranked so for players there is no best unit in Each tier.  Without further delay here is the Tier List:

S-Tier: These are the characters which are the best in their role and provide the best damage either single target or AoE. They can also be very good support which debuffs enemies or provide the teammate good buffs. These characters are investment worthy as they will be future-proof for a few months at least. 

  1. Seele (Single target DPS) (Quantum Element) (Hunt path) 
  2. Bronya (Buffer) (Wind Element) (Harmony path) 
  3. Tingyun (Buffer) (Lightning Element) (Harmony path) 
  4. Jing Yuan (AoE damage) (Lightning Element) (Erudition path) 
  5. Yanqing (Single target DPS) (Ice Element) (Hunt path) 

A-Tier: These are the character which is not the best of the best but provides the optimal damage or support to the team. These are the character which can be replaced earlier than expected but if players have them they are good enough to invest. 

  1. Gepard (Pure tank) (Ice Element)(Preservation Path) 
  2. Himeko (AoE) (Fire Element) (Erudition Path)
  3. Clara (DPS tanker) (Physical Element) (Destruction Path) 
  4. Welt (Debuffer) (Imaginary Element) (Nihility Path) 
  5. Natasha (Healer) (Physical Element) (Abundance path) 
  6. Bailu (Healer) (Lightning Element) (Abundance path) 
  7. Trailblazer/ MC (Pure tank) (Fire Element) (Preservation path) 

B-Tier: These are the characters which can be very good in certain scenarios or if the players play them to their strength but they are easily replaceable. They have the potential to be good but dont have the means to be. 

  1. Arlan (DPS tanker) (Lightning Element) (Destruction Path) 
  2. Dan Heng (Single target DPS) (Wind Element) (Hunt Path) 
  3. March 7th (Pure Tank) (Ice Element) (Preservation path) 
  4. Sushang (Single target DPS) (Physical Element) (Hunt Path) 
  5. Pela (Debuffer) (Ice Element) (Nihility path) 

C-Tier: These are the characters which have their certain niche. But are not worth enough to invest in and can be replaced very easily. (Some of them are somewhat bad as well) (not worth investing in)

  1. Herta (AoE damage) (Ice Element) (Erudition path) 
  2. Hook (DPS tanker) (Fire Element) (Destruction path) 
  3. Sampo (Debuffer) (Wind Element) (Nihility path) 
  4. Serval (AoE Damage) (Lightning Element) (Erudition path)
  5. Qingque (AoE) (Quantum Element) (Erudition Path) 
  6. Trailblazer/MC (DPS tanker) (Physical Element) (Destruction path) 

That’s all you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news on Honkai Star Rail and various other games.

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