Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Home Ec Midterm and Final Answers in Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Home Ec Midterm and Final Answers in Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Food is important in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Sandwiches, picnics, and special treats are all included in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Home Economics classes. Professor Buff will teach you everything you need to know about new and old mechanics in this Pokemon game. However, the moment of truth has arrived, and now you have to take the test to show that you are paying attention. If you haven’t or just want to double-check your answers, here are the Home Ec midterm and final exam questions and answers about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, players must answer exactly five questions for their Home Ec midterm. To make things easier for you to pass this exam here is a simple list of questions and answers.

All Midterm and Final Answers for Home Ec in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The answers for the Academy’s Home Ec Midterm and Home Ec Final exams can be found on this page of QM Games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide. 

Home Ec Midterm Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The midterm includes five multiple-choice questions covering material covered in the first three classes. To pass the midterm, you must have correctly answered three of the five questions.

Q: Which of the following is not the effect of a picnic lunch?

A:-  The answer is to Accelerate

Q: Which of the following affects the type of dietary energy obtained from certain foods?

A:-Filings and condiments

Q: Which fruit can restore a Pokemon’s HP?

A:- By Orange Berry 

Q: Leandro wants Pokemon to choose when to use their item in battle, so he gives Oran Berry. It will continue as planned.

A:- Correct

Q: If an action runs out of PP, it cannot be used again. When a Pokemon is out of PP for all of its moves, it can only absorb.

A:- Incorrect

Home Ec Final Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The exam consists of five multiple-choice questions from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. To pass the final, you must correctly answer four of the five questions. Passing the Final Exam grants you five Exp

Q: Which of the following Meal Powers makes finding Shiny Pokemon easier?

A:-  By Sparkling Water

Q:- Which of the following is NOT a side effect of Egg Power?

A:- It helps in the hatching of powerful Pokemon.

Q: What is a simple but effective strategy for increasing the effectiveness of Meal Powers?

A:- By Cooking with others

Q: What should you do if your adorable Pokemon becomes dirty?

A:-  Pokemon Wash

Q: This is a rule-related question. Should you switch out your uniform tops and bottoms for each season?

A:- It makes no difference.

Accomplishing classes or visiting and conversing with specific Academy characters also aids in the development of your relationship with each of them. The final interaction with each teacher is usually after their final exam. However, in order to receive the reward for Home Ec and History, you must complete one more task after their finals.

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