Halo Esports may be near its end as teams give up the game

 Halo Esports may be near its end as teams give up the game

Cloud9 is one of the best Halo teams with years of experience in Halo tournaments. With such a high-profile roster, fans are questioning the future of Halo esports.

It is the 4th partner organization to withdraw from the Halo Championship Series (HCS) circuit. Before that, Fnatic, eUnited, and Spacestation Gaming left the Halo circuit. While Spacestation CEO Sean “The Division” Peller confirmed on social media that the organization is not pulling out of Halo, the other three are not sanguine about their esports future.

Halo hasn’t been the same since it was dropped from MLG, according to gamers. It has consistently attempted to find a new and appealing tournament setting, but I believe it has run its course.

HCS was one of the only reasons Halo survived when the game was on the verge of extinction. This is a general problem, not an HCS problem.

I’m not sure if C9 wanted to leave because they don’t believe in the future of esports. Or perhaps the players chose not to resign.

Penguin, Echo, and StelluR have been on Cloud9 since 2020, long before Halo Infinite. It’s unfortunate that players are being let go as Halo continues to struggle to satisfy fans. In addition to esports, game content updates have been significantly delayed and games are not as popular as other popular shooters such as CS: GO, Apex Legends, Valorant or Call of Duty.

Another organization that has partnered with the 343rd Halo Championship Series has released its roster after the 2022 World Championship, and it might be the best roster ever released.

This year, before the World Cup, Halo announced that fans will not be giving away money raised through crowdfunding. The prize pool for this event has been reduced because 343 Industry has decided to put more money into the circuit in 2023.

Did all this lead to the demise of Halo esports? Not interested. Complex Games and Quadrant will fill the void left by lost teams as part of the Halo Partner Program in 2023, but the current state of Halo esports isn’t ideal. If the game doesn’t come back in terms of catering to the casual and competitive audience, the franchise could be dead for years.

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