Going Medieval

Going Medieval – How to Get Meat and Hunt Guide

Going Medieval - How to Get Meat and Hunt Guide

Online survival games many times allow players to hunt for animals so that they can cook and eat to survive. In the Going Medieval game, you have to do this practice several times in the game. The animals you will hunt will provide meat which is crucial for players to progress in the game. Also, its skins can be used for crafting or you can also sell them. Let’s learn here how to get Meat and Hunt in Going Medieval.

How to Get Meat and Hunt in Going Medieval

In order to start hunting to get meat in Going Medieval, check out the following guide.

1. Guide to hunt an animal

If you want your settlers will do this job for you, then ask them to do so. For this, you only need to select the animal that you want your settlers will hunt and then select the ‘Hunt’ button which you will find at the bottom right of your screen. Instead, you can also press the M key while selecting the animal you want your settlers to hunt.

2. Guide to hunt multiple animals

If you want to hunt multiple animals, first you need to select the ‘Hunt’ button and then select all the animals you want to be hunted. If you’re planning to hunt several animals then this option is the best.

3. Guide to assign a Settler for hunting

To start hunting in Going Medieval, you need to assign a settler to do this task for you. But, it is important to note that if they have some more important tasks to do, they will finish them first and so they won’t have time for hunting. For instance, if you have already assigned both tasks to your settler like to build a house and hunt, and in case, you have many building projects yet to complete, then settlers won’t go out on the hunt. It happens because of the default settings of the ‘Priority Jobs’. To change this setting, check out the next point.

4. Guide to change the ‘Jobs Priority’

You can always change the ‘Jobs Priority’ by right-clicking or left-clicking the job. Remember: Priority 1 is done first and Priority 5 is done last. In case, all the jobs are set at the same priority level, then it will work from left to right. So, always set numbers accordingly.

Important Note: Ifyour settlers are prepared with a proper set of weapons, then only they can hunt, otherwise, your hunting might be delayed for some time. So, always make sure they are equipped with a complete range of weapons.

That’s everything you need to know How to Get Meat and Hunt in Going Medieval. Do not miss to check out our other guides, tips, and tricks of all the major online games.

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