Goblin and Hector of S8UL Esports Name Their Top Five BGMI Assaulters

 Goblin and Hector of S8UL Esports Name Their Top Five BGMI Assaulters

An assaulter is a person who rushes the opponent and remains on the front line. It is usually the one who makes the first contact with the opposing team. Assaulters must have excellent aim, hip-fire, and Aim Down Sight (ADS), and they must be comfortable in close-range encounters. 

It is a critical and decisive role, and the team’s victory is largely determined by their performance. BGMI players for S8UL Esports Harsh Paudwal ( “Goblin”) and Sohail Shaikh (“Hector” ) named their top five BGMI assaulters in a recent Livestream.

Goblin and Hector Name their Best BGMI Assaults

Goblin is a S8UL Esports professional BGMI player. Despite playing the game professionally for the previous three years, he only received the recognition he deserved when S8UL Esports, one of India’s most well-known organizations, chose to add him to its roster in March 2022. Since then, he has represented India on an international level under the S8UL Esports brand, putting up an incredible performance.

Goblin name his top five BGMI assaulters. Despite being referred to as “the top five assaulters,” Goblin only mentioned four names. He said the following name:-

  • S8UL Esports – Goblin (himself)
  • GodLike Esports’ “JONATHAN” Amaral
  • Team XO’s Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh
  • TSM India’s Shubham “NinjaJOD” Ranjan Sahoo

After that, Goblin asked Hector to name his top five BGMI assaulters. In response, Hector revealed the following five names:

  • Goblin
  • Jonathan
  • NinjaJOD
  • S8UL Esports’ Akshat “AkshaT” Goel
  • Global Esports’ Khush “Jokerr” Singh

Top 5 Best BGMI Assaulters

JONATHAN is undoubtedly India’s best BGMI player. He won numerous titles at the age of 20, including PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia, PUBG Mobile India Series 2020, and others. He has also represented India on the international stage four times.

Jokerr was signed by Global Esports in a four underdog players list for its BGMI roster. Despite his late entry into Tier-1 BGMI esports, Jokerr has established himself as one of the best BGMI assaulters in the country.

NinjaJOD is a TSM India professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player. He is arguably one of India’s best assaulters and has been performing admirably for his team. He has also won numerous titles, including the Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational, Skyesports Mobile Open, and others.

Punkk  is a Team XO professional BGMI player. He rose to prominence while playing for VR1 Esports during the PUBG Mobile ban. He astounded the entire community with his pinpoint accuracy and incredible performance against the best Indian players.

AkshaT won the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series – Season 1 with S8UL Esports.

He has been a part of the PUBG Mobile and BGMI communities since the game’s inception. He began his professional career with Team Celtz and has since played for several well-known Indian organizations. S8UL Esports chose AkshaT to join its BGMI roster after witnessing his outstanding performance. 

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