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Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Scaramouche Weekly Boss (Shouki no Kami- the Prodigal) Guide

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Scaramouche Weekly Boss (Shouki no Kami- the Prodigal) Guide

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 has recently been released. After playing the final Act V of the Sumeru Archon Quest chapter, players can finally unlock the new weekly Scaramouche boss- formally known as “Shouki no Kami- the Prodigal”. This weekly boss fight is unlike any other as it utilizes domain mechanics more than any other even though the only other Weekly Boss with a domain mechanic is La Signora’s weekly boss domain with the hot and cold effect.

In this guide, we’ll guide players on these mechanics and how to use them best to efficiently defeat the boss. We’ll also mention the boss’s general attack patterns and how players can best deal with them.

Shouki no Kami- The Prodigal Boss Fight in Genshin Impact 3.2

The Scaramouche Boss fight has two phases- one where he wields only the torso of the giant mecha robot and another where he wields the entire mecha robot. Both have their distinct attack patterns and ways to defeat them so we’ll tackle each of these phases separately.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, Scaramouche or the Balladeer wields the top torso of the giant mecha to attack us using only the 4 hands of the mecha. The entire mechanic body is vulnerable to attacks provided you can land them. 

Ideally, catalyst or bow DPS characters are thus recommended but you can also opt for melee units. For melee, you’ll have to hit the centre of the boss which is close to the ground. Characters like Venti and Zhongli can come in handy for their upwards air current and shield respectively.  


Most of the Balladeer’s attacks are Electro but there are also Cryo, Pyro and Anemo attacks. The boss might even occasionally infuse the Anemo tornadoes with other elements. Cryo and Pyro attacks leave a Cold or Burning status on the field which will deal damage to your active character if they aren’t using shields. This is however only a small amount of damage. Since these attacks are slow and you can see them coming from a mile away- they can easily be dodged.

Its Electro attacks however require a bit of skill to dodge. You can usually see their projected paths on the ground in circles and if you move out of these circles before the attacks hit, you’ll take no damage. In one of its attacks, it fires two pyramid-shaped homing Electro projectiles which can be dodged just before they make contact. 

It also does a spinning electro lasers attack similar to the Electro Hypostasis which can be eye-framed and thus dodged. In another one of its powerful electro attacks, the boss uses the Gnosis powering it in the centre to fire a powerful Electro beam which has an AoE range covering the entirety of the available floor.

To dodge both the lasers and the singular beam, the safest way is to use the Anemo plate for an upwards wind current which will allow you to keep off the floor for the majority of the duration of these attacks.


The first phase may be the most confusing for players due to the various available mechanics on the floor. In this phase, the boss will randomly drop crystals which can be collected to charge your radish pet which can in turn be used to activate the elemental plates present on the floor for various effects. 

The boss drops both one giant crystal and two small crystals randomly. One giant crystal is enough to fully charge the radish pet. If you’re instead picking up the smaller ones, you’ll need two of them to fully charge the pet companion.

The floor has 6 elemental plates with 1 Hydro, 1 Anemo, 1 Cryo, 1 Pyro and finally 2 Electro plates. Each elemental plate has its own effect:

  • Anemo: Creates an upwards air current which can be used to dodge attacks
  • Hydro: Heals your character for a certain amount of HP over a certain duration like Barbara’s E.
  • Cryo: Clears the Pyro effect from the floor.
  • Pyro: Clears the Cryo effect from the floor.
  • Electro: Stuns the boss.

Using both the Electro plates within a short duration will fully stun the boss thus halting all attacks and opening a huge window of opportunity for some reliable interruption-free damage. Stunning only one arm with one Electro plate will trigger the boss to use its other arm to use elemental attacks of Pyro and Cryo.

Phase 2

In phase 2 of this boss fight, the floor collapses and you fall underneath similar to the Childe Boss fight. You can skip the cutscene to quickly continue. You can now see the full robotic or mechanic form of the droid Scaramouche is wielding and hitting it does negligible damage so we recommend against it. The radish-like pet will continue attacking the boss’s legs with its little lasers and this slowly chips away at the boss’s shield which is denoted by a white HP bar- similar to Dvalin.


The boss has one Cryo and one Pyro attack in which it teleports to the other side of the floor and charges at you while leaving a Pyro or Cryo effect on the floor. This charge is similar to the Wolf of the North’s Cryo charge attack and thus it can be easily dodged. One of its attacks also involves scattering a bunch of Pyro and Cryo explosives which can also be easily dodged if you keep out of their way before they hit the ground.

The boss has two attacks in which it hits the ground with Electro. One of these is followed by an Electro shockwave which you can just time and jump to dodge. The other one does more damage if hit by it but it has a small AoE and no shockwave.

In one of its Electro attacks, the boss summons portals behind it which continually shoots Electro bullets within a large AoE which also has a homing effect. This too can be easily dodged by just running outside the circle as it’s never fast enough to catch you within it. You don’t even need to sprint for this one.

Finally, there’s the Zhongli-like Electro spirit bomb it summons after a long wind-up time which cannot be dodged or blocked- similar to Raiden Shogun’s dimension-splitting slash. The only way to deal with this is to break the 4 Electro constructs it summons using elements other than Electro or Hydro and collect the crystals they drop to charge the radish pet and fire the Dendro bomb at the boss and disable/stun it before it completes this ritual.


The boss will occasionally drop raw crystals on the ground which you can use the Four-Leaf Sigils to quickly get to and collect throughout the floor. 

The boss will also drop constructs of various elements which can be broken using other elements only. You don’t necessarily need their opposite elements to break these constructs. Once broken, these constructs will drop crystals too to charge up the radish pet companion. 

Once charged, the radish pet can be used to replace your E skill with the Dendro bomb. You can click on your E to aim the bomb at the boss and fire it. Even if the bomb misses, you can fire it as many times as necessary until you make contact. That said, it doesn’t mean you can fire multiple Dendro bombs. After the first hit, you’ll have to charge up again to use it.

Usually, it takes about 2 hits from the Dendro bomb to fully disable the boss’s shield in this phase. You’ll however need another bomb to prevent the boss from using its ultimate spirit bomb attack. To do this you’ll have to break the 4 Electro constructs for the energy crystals.

The 3 floating constructs are easier to get to and we recommend a catalyst character or bow character for this. The construct in the middle and on the ground continuously shoots Electro at you so this is the last one to destroy. 

Once the machine has been brought to its knees after being interrupted in its spirit bomb ritual, you can use the four-leaf sigils to reach the platform on its chest and attack the core directly. After the boss is vulnerable, all your elemental bursts are recharged for free so that you can use them all at once for maximum damage to its core.

The boss only takes increased damage at its core while the rest of the body has severe DMG reduction. You can use your strongest rotation on this platform to quickly take out the boss. If you fail, the process repeats from the start again as it regains its shield.

In its vulnerable state, you can also stay on the ground and hit its core with ranged bow users like Ganyu. Additionally, you can also use the radish pet to get some more crystals and attack it with the Dendro bomb again. 

The Dendro bomb does a huge chunk of damage no matter where it hits but it’s not an ideal option to resort to when the boss is vulnerable as you can at most manage one hit with the Dendro bomb whereas if you hit its core you have the chance of one-cycling it provided your characters are well built.

Tips to Beat Shouki no Kami- The Prodigal Boss in Genshin Impact 3.2

Below we’ve listed some tips for fighting this boss efficiently.

  • This weekly boss is like the Dvalin boss fight in the sense you have to dodge and wait for the boss to be vulnerable to do meaningful damage.
  • For Phase 1, use the Electro plates as much as possible to stun the boss completely and then hit it with your strongest attacks.
  • For Phase 2, focus on dodging and collecting the energy crystals to charge the radish pet and hit the boss with the Dendro bombs.
  • Ranged characters other than Electro are generally preferable as the boss or its constructs have resistance against them. 
  • Unless you’re very good at dodging, having a strong shielder like Zhongli is convenient. If you don’t have Zhongli, have healers in your party– either dedicated healers or burst healers.

The Scaramouche weekly boss fight is unique because it involves paying attention to so many mechanics while dodging the boss’s attacks. It resembles the Dvalin and Raiden Shogun weekly boss fights in Phase 2 and resembles the La Signora boss fight in Phase 1. It may look the scariest of all the weekly bosses but when you learn its mechanics and get used to them, it’s only a bit harder than Dvalin. You can’t one-shot this boss but at least it’s not as difficult as the Azhdaha or Raiden Shogun boss fights

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