Fortnite Bubble Gum Holopad Glitch – Players are Soaring in the Sky

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Fortnite is one of the popular multiplayer games where you need to compete in Battle Royale. Players love this game a lot because of its accessible gameplay modes, an excellent construction system, zany and bright graphics, and of course a huge player base. However, recently, a funny glitch came into notice. It is a Bubble Gum Holopad Glitch in which players turn into a Bubblegum and that works like an Inflate-A-Bull mechanic.

The Bubble Gum Holopad is a new addition in the game of Fortnite with which players bounce back normally and quickly move around from danger. This is, of course, new fun addition for players but somehow it has started flying high and so players are soaring in the sky for no reason because of some technical glitch.

However, this bug is not harmful to players and so that, they can have fun with the Bubble Gum Holopad Glitch.

How to Initiate Bubble Gum Holopad Glitch in Fortnite for fun

There are two ways you can initiate the Bubble Gum Holopad Glitch for fun.

1. By using a Mothership

In order to commence this glitch, Mothership is the first way to start this mess. Above the Mothership are alien Holopads, which were used before for challenges. If you land on the Mothership, collides with a Holopad, and later flies to a new Bubble Gum Holopad, that, when used, will send you skyward on a nearly never-ending journey.

2. By using a Hop Flopper

Another method consists of a Hop Flopper. These are sort of fish that offers health, or we can say a glitch. You can use this option as soon as you enter the Bubble Gum Holopad. This will also send you up in the sky.

Although, it has fun sometimes it is annoying. Hopefully, Epic Games would look into it and will fix this issue as early as possible. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this never-ending trip in the sky.

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