Fix Xbox Stuck on Green Loading Screen

Fix Xbox Stuck On Green Loading Screen

Like all technologically advanced devices, the Xbox console also brings several technical glitches and bugs. One of the most common issues in Xbox is the green loading screen. There are no particular reasons for this problem to occur but some of the possibilities of this green screen issue in Xbox include corrupted hard drive, server communication issues between your Xbox and Windows, or failed or incomplete system update. Fortunately, most of the issues in Xbox can be solved easily. If your screen is stuck on the green loading screen, go through the following guide to fix this annoying issue.

How to Fix Xbox Stuck on Green Loading Screen

When your Xbox gets stuck on the green loading screen and doesn’t boot at all, it is termed as the “Green Screen of Death”. However, there are multiple solutions to fix Xbox stuck on the green loading screen. Here we have collected all the possible solutions for you. 

1. Do a factory reset: This solution is suggested by Microsoft itself so you should first try this method to fix Xbox stuck on the green loading screen. Here are some simple steps to follow:

– Press the Xbox key for about 10 seconds and power off your console

– Once it is powered off, press and hold the sync/binding button + the eject button + power button

– Hold the buttons until you hear 2 beeps after approx 10 to 15 seconds

– And then release the buttons, you will now see a menu from where you can perform a factory reset

Once done, turn on Xbox and the issue should be fixed. If this doesn’t fix, move to the next solution

2. Perform a Hard Reset: In case you are seeing the green loading screen due to some temporary technical glitch, then perform a hard reset, and mostly the issue should be fixed. To hard reset your Xbox, press and hold the Power button of your console for a few seconds. This way, your console will reboot after some time if there are no server issues, and once done, you would not see the green screen again. 

3. Do an offline system update: In this method, you can easily update your console by downloading a file to your USB drive, and then you can install that file onto your Xbox console. To perform the Offline System Update (OSU), you will first need:

– A Windows PC with a USB port

– An internet connection

– A USB drive with a minimum of 6 GB of space and make sure the USB drive is fully empty

Here are some simple steps to perform the Office System Update (OSU)

– First of all, download the Xbox Offline System Update

– Insert your USB drive into the USB port

– Open up the downloaded file (OSU)

– Save the console file on your PC by clicking on the ‘Save’ button

– Extract those files and copy the $SystemUpdate file onto your USB drive and unplug your flash drive

– Next, power off your console as well as all the cables 

– Wait for about 30 seconds and plug them again

– Press and hold down the Pair button + Eject button and press the Xbox button on your console for 15 to 20 seconds

– Then you can release the buttons after hearing two tones for power-up

– Now the Xbox Start-up Trouble-Shooter will start

– Next, plug your USB drive into the port on your Xbox console. When you insert the USB drive, then Offline system update will start

– Press D-pad and A button on your controller to initiate the Offline system update

In case, these fixes don’t work and still, your Xbox one is stuck on the green screen, then there are some hardware-related issues or your console’s hard disk is corrupted or damaged.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Xbox stuck on green loading screen.

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