Fix Xbox Series S Error 0x876C0001

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Recently many players are experiencing an annoying error which is 0x876C0001. This issue occurs mainly when a player plays or uses any content on Xbox One. The meaning of this error is that the content is currently not available. It happens mostly when there are some temporary network issues. Luckily, we have gathered here some of the best solutions which you can try to fix Xbox Series S Error 0x876C0001.

How to Fix Xbox Series S Error 0x876C0001

Before we go through the following solutions, it is important to make sure the following 3 things:

1. Since this is a network-related issue, first of all, make sure to check your game is well connected with the server. And for that, make sure that your internet connection is stable and working fine.

2. The second important thing you need to do is check the current Xbox Live Service. In case the server is down for maintenance or any other reasons, it may cause Error 0x876C0001 on your Xbox Series S. To check the current Xbox server status, open Microsoft Edge on your console, log into and then click on the Xbox Status. Here you will see the current status of the server. In case, it is down for whatsoever reason, then wait for sometimes an issue will get resolved automatically once their services resume.

3. Just reboot your console once. Many times, such errors eradicate by simply restarting the devices. Because this way, it refreshes its memory. So, just press and keep holding down the Xbox button on your controller till you see the Power center, then select Restart console and then Restart.

Once you check the above 3 things and still, you’re facing the same Error 0x876C0001 on your Xbox Series S, then you may check the following solutions.

Remove all the corrupted cached files from the console’s memory

This solution is shared by one of the players on Reddit and it worked for many players so we are suggesting this solution first.

1. Go to Home screen, then ‘Settings’ > Disc & Blu-ray > Blu-ray > Persistent Storage > Clear Persistent Storage. 

2. Do the same process 3 times and make sure that all the corrupted cached files are removed from the console’s memory. Do not hesitate to with this step as your achievements or saved games will not remove at all.

3. Now, Go to Home screen > Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC Address > Clear and Restart

4. Press and hold down the power button on the console for at least 10 to 15 seconds until that turns off. 

5. Once turned off, unplug the power outlet and then remove all the attached cables on the console first and wait for 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Then reconnect back all the cables securely on the console and then plug it directly into a wall outlet. Once done, turn it on and leave it there idle for the next 1 minute

7. And lastly, sign in back to your account, and then everything will be fine and you won’t see Error 0x876C0001 on your Xbox Series S Error

Factory reset your Xbox Series S

If nothing works, the last thing you can do is to factory reset your Xbox Series S. For this, check out the below some easy and very simple steps:

1. Open up the guide on your Xbox by pressing the Xbox button

2. Then select Profile & System > Settings > System > and Console info

3. Next select Reset console

4. Here you will see 3 options (Reset and remove everything, Reset & keep my games and apps, and Cancel) we recommend going with the second option – ‘Reset and keep my games & apps’.

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