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Fix Warzone Dev Error 5467

Fix Warzone Dev Error 5467

If you are one of the players of the Call of Duty Warzone, you must have faced dev error 5467. Many players face the same issue on PS5 and PS4. Particularly, this error is s nasty bug that interrupts the connection in online gaming. This error was originally noticed in December 2020, but recently from 18th March 2021, this error has again started popping up intermittently. If you’re also getting the same error, do not worry! Here you will find the best solutions.

How to Fix Warzone Dev Error 5467

There are several solutions that you can try out one by one to fix Warzone Dev Error 5467. Go through them:

Switch your emblem and calling card

One of the best reliable fixes to solve the Warzone Dev Error 5467 is to switch your emblem and calling card to any other type other than random’.

Shut down the game and restart again

Apart from this, Activision is also recommended to shut down the game and restart it. And then try to connect. This is also one of the best ways to fix Warzone Dev Error 5467.

Rebuilding of the database on PS4

By rebuilding the PS4 database, this error can be fixed. The following steps are very simple and safe to perform.

A. Power off your PS4 and don’t use rest mode.

B. Hold down the power button till you hear 2 quick beeps. It alerts you that you’ve entered the Safe Mode.

C. Next, Connect your DualShock 4 controller to the USB-A slot in the front of the PS4.

D. Now, scroll down in the menu and locate option 5 which is ‘Rebuild Database’.

E. And lastly, press the ‘X’ button to start rebuilding PS4. 

It may take few minutes to hours. This way, it reorganizes your hard drive to make it quicker and easier for the system to access your files.

Identify specific items in the game that results in the error and avoid them.

It has also been observed that sometimes, Warzone dev error 5467 pop out when the player interacts with in-game items like claymore, stuns, flash, the FFAR, animated calling cards, skins, etc. So, you should try to identify such items that cause the error and avoid them.

Don’t use Black Ops Cold War operators

It is also advisable not to use any new operators with new guns. Do not use Black Ops Cold War skin until the issue is fixed. Instead, you should continue with MW operators.

That’s it! These are some of the best solutions to fix Warzone Dev Error 5467. Do not forget to share your experience with Dev Error 5467, in the comment section below.

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