Fix Valorant Error Code VAL 9

There are dozens of Valorant error codes that players could run into while booting this strategic shooter game. Fortunately, most of them are easy to fix. One of the most recent error codes is VAL 9. This particular error comes up when players try to connect online. The developer has not yet published any sure-shot method to fix this error. However, there are some methods you can try to get rid of the error code VAL 9.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code VAL 9

Following are some of the best solutions to fix Valorant Error Code VAL 9.

1. Check Server Status

Whenever you face a problem in an online game, the first thing you should do is to check the game’s status online. You can either check on the official website of the developer – Riot Games Service Status.

Or, you can also visit the third-party Down Detector Valorant Status website to check the latest status of the game.

If Riot is working on the servers and they are not available, it is up to the game developer to fix it. Most likely, service will be restored as soon as possible.

In case, it has any server-related issues, you just need to wait for a couple of hours and you no need to do anything from your side. However, if you don’t find anything server-related issues on the above-mentioned links, you may then proceed to the next steps to get it fixed.

2. Check your Internet connection

Sometimes, poor internet connection also causes a problem with the server connectivity. To make sure your internet connection is running smoothly, you can cross-check by running and playing another online multiplayer game by using the same network and make sure it is running stable and fast.

Also, you can perform a power cycle on your Wi-Fi router. To do this:

– Turn off your router

– Unplug the power cable from the router

– Wait for 30 to 60 seconds and then switch on the router.

It will clear all the network cache data and temporary software-related glitches from the router. Also, you can try using an Ethernet (wired) connection rather than a Wi-Fi (Wireless) connection as it will reduce the ping time.

If everything is fine with the server-side and your internet connection is also working fast and stable, you can try the following method to fix Valorant Error Code VAL 9. 

3. Delete the Data Client

This is also one of the best and easy solutions provided by the user on Reddit. Sometimes, we get such errors because of missing or corrupted game files. To fix this, you only need to delete the installed Riot Games folder from your computer system.

For example, if you have installed the Valorant game on your D: drive, then you need to follow this path: ‘This PC > D: > ProgramData > Riot Games’. In this folder, you will find the Metadata folder, RiotClientInstalls.json file, and machine.cfg file.

– So, first of all, you only need to copy this ‘Riot Games” folder to a different drive for a backup and then completely delete the folder from its original location.

– And then, restart your PC and try to run the Valorant game again to check whether or not the error is fixed.

That’s all on this guide on Fix Valorant Error Code VAL 9.

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