Fix Steam Keeps Blocking Random Friends

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

If you’re addicted to PC games, then Steam service is a must-have for you. It is one of the popular platforms that redefined PC gaming. There are several great features that stand out from Steam from its competitors such as Steam Sales, Automatic Updates, Integrated chat features, Redownload ability at any time, etc. There are several multi-player games on Steam in which you can enjoy with your friends. However, many players are complaining that their friends are blocking randomly by Steam. Many players are reporting this issue on Steam community, Reddit, and other social media platforms and looking for the fix. But, Steam has not yet given any solution for this problem. Here we are going to reveal some of the best possible solutions to unblock friends when they’re blocked by Steam.

How to Fix Steam Keeps Blocking Random Friends

In case your friends are blocked by Steam, here are some of the best and easy solutions to unblock them.

Check Blocked List

If your random friends are blocked and you want to unblock them, go through the following some simple steps:

1. Open up the Steam Client on your desktop

2. Click on your username and then select ‘Friends’

3. Use the left navigation panel and select the ‘Block’ option.

4. Here you will see the list of all friends who got blocked and so you can’t add them to your friend list. Remove the blocked friend.

5. And then save changes and then exit.

6. Restart the Steam and check whether or not the problem is fixed.

Unblock using your profile

This is another method to unblock your friends via your profile

1. Go to the Steam profile page, and then select ‘Friends’ and go to the ‘Blocked Users tab

2. Here you can check the list of your friends you would like to unblock and then click on ‘Unblock’

That’s everything you need to know How to Fix Steam Keeps Blocking Random Friends.

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