Fix State of Decay 2 Crashing After Update 25.2

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

State of Decay 2 is a survival-fantasy open-world horror game in which players need to survive against a zombie. This game is released way back in 2018 but its regular updates fetch a lot of new issues and errors. And those annoying issues eventually dull the real fun of this game. Its latest update 25.2 brings a new issue in which the players are experiencing crashing issues while playing the game. Several players have reported that the game is crashing right after interacting with something or while opening inventory, while some players said it crashes randomly. Do you get the same problem? Let’s find out the fix the below.

How to Fix State of Decay 2 Crashing After Update 25.2

Most of the players have experienced crashing issues right after the opening of the weapons tab. Several players tried certain workarounds and found this particular solution worked. Let’s check it out:

Before you interact with the car storage or locker, unequip your existing weapon. Just keep it in the inventory and not set it as your equipped weapon. Try this and you won’t face the State of Decay 2 crashing problem.

That means: 

1. You just drop your weapons to the floor.

2. Then use the box base. 

3. Once accessed, pick your weapons from the floors.

This issue is the latest and at the time of writing this post, the devs have not yet acknowledged this bug. Hopefully, they will, as many players are reporting about this problem on Steam community, Reddit, and many other social media platforms.

Let’s hope for the best and expectantly this issue will be resolved in the next update, meanwhile, you can try the above-mentioned fix and enjoy the game solo or with your friends.

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  • Seems to be not necessary anymore, since Undead Labs switched the executable in question.
    Check the following directory “c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Dayton_2.438.134.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\StateOfDecay2\Binaries\Win64\” for the file “StateOfDecay2-Win64-Shipping.exe”…
    The problematic one was from 27. July 2021…
    Since I reinstalled the game, the current one is from 4. August 2021 and the problem seemed to solved

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