Fix Splitgate EQU8 Initialization Error 00×23002460090798

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Splitgate is a fast-paced multiplayer free-to-play shooter game. This sci-fi shooter game has taken the FPS genre to the next level. However, many players are not happy as they are getting an unusual error that says – You were kicked from the match for suspicious activity EQU8 Error Code: 00×23002460090798. And because of such an error, players are furious and reporting this issue on Reddit and other forums. Even players who never cheated and never did any suspicious activities, still, are getting this error code. Let’s find out is there any solution to fix this issue.

Fix Splitgate EQU8 Initialization Error 00×23002460090798

Players have already tried all sorts of workarounds to fix this problem. They updated windows and drivers, did a full scan for malware, verified game files in Steam, and many other troubleshoots but nothing works.

However, the following are some things that have helped certain players. Try these solutions to fix Splitgate EQU8 Initialization Error 00×23002460090798. 

– One of the users suggested a fix on Reddit, he said to try to play a different game mode and you won’t see this error.

– Another player suggested to disable your aimbot and then try again to play the game.

– Also, make sure you are not playing the game using a VPN

No one knows why such an error is occurring and also the devs, 1047 games, have not yet officially acknowledged the error. While an anticheat to protect to make the game fair for everyone is always welcome such software almost always go wrong and punish innocent players. We hope that this mess will be acknowledged by the devs and will release a fix soon. Meanwhile, you can try these workarounds to fix Splitgate EQU8 Initialization Error 00×23002460090798.     

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