Fix Roblox Error Code 901

Roblox is one of the popular gaming platforms and it has millions of active players around the world. But, Roblox has several bugs, such as the Roblox error code 901. So far, there is no official statement or solution given by Roblox officials regarding this problem. In particular, the Roblox error code 901 indicates an update issue. It usually happens when the game is not updated. It also occurs when Roblox is in recovery. Before we jump on the solutions, it is also important to know about the main reasons for this Roblox Error Code 901. 

What are the main reasons for Roblox Error Code 901?

Whenever there is any official Roblox maintenance, it causes the entire server to shut down for general updates or maintenance. Typically, when this happens, you’ll see a message that says “We are undergoing maintenance.”

Many users have faced it with their updated Roblox. In this case, the problem must be related to the server. But this doesn’t seem the only reason. There can be many reasons for this problem.

Other issues include being unable to log in, shuts down during gameplay, the game crashes when opening, etc. Also, players have faced this issue in the past when trying to connect a game, and when they tried, they experienced a black screen. If you are also facing the same error, we have provided some solutions to solve this issue.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 901

Here we have given several solutions to fix Roblox Error Code 901, let’s check them out:

By reinstalling the Roblox on your Xbox

1. Go to the home page.

2. Select my games and applications.

3. Highlight Roblox and then press the menu button on your controller.

4. Select uninstall.

5. After that, install Roblox again.

Simple! Now check, the issue must have resolved.

By resetting the console

1.Select Xbox Button on your console.

2. It will open the Guide – Next follow this path:

3. Go to Settings > All Settings > System > Console info & updates > Reset Console

4. Make sure to have the correct Email ID and Password before signing-in

5. Next, tap on the Delete option to remove everything.

6. Once everything is reset, then you can start the console and start playing the game without any error.

That’s all! It is important to know that, the same error occurs with millions of other users. It is advisable to try to apply all the above-mentioned solutions as there are multiple reasons for this error. After trying all the methods, if you’re still facing the same issue, we suggest you contact the Roblox support team.

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