Fix Roblox Error Code 769 Teleport Failed

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In recent times, Roblox has become increasingly prone to various issues, and one of the frustrating problems players encounter is Error Code 769. This particular error, commonly displayed as “Teleport Failed: Unknown exception. (Error Code: 769)” or “Teleport failed due to an unexpected error. (Error Code: 769)”, arises when attempting to teleport to another location within the game.

There are several possible causes for this error, including the need for additional administrator access on your PC to install the game or various network connection-related issues. If you find yourself grappling with Roblox Error Code 769, fear not, as there are several solutions you can explore to address the issue and get back to enjoying the game.

Fix Roblox Error Code 769 Teleport Failed

If you’re getting the error code 769 in your game then don’t worry. Here are two solutions you can try to fix the Roblox error code 769.

Teleport Failed Easy fix

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click on Network and Internet

3. Choose Network and Sharing Center

4. Click on ‘Chance adapter settings on the left panel

5. Next, right-click on the Network and select Properties

6. Now, select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

7. Go to Properties and select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’

8. Enter this value under ‘Preferred DNS server’ –

9. Also, enter this value under ‘Alternate DNS server’ – and then click on Ok and close set-up.

10 Next, search for CMD on your PC and Run as Admin.

11. Type or copy-paste this command: ‘netsh winsock reset’ and then click on Enter and wait for the success message.

12. Type or copy-paste this command: ipconfig /flushdnsand then click on Enter and wait for the success message. Once done, close CMD and reboot your system.

If still the Roblox Error Code 769 Teleport Failed is not fixed, try following instructions.

Run Game Manager as Administrator

1. Search for the ‘Game Manager’ icon on your PC’s desktop, and right-click on it, and select ‘Run as administrator’.

2. If you get a Windows pop-up and asking to allow the program, then confirm that you want to run the Game Manager by clicking ‘Yes’.

3. Once done, try to install your game once again.

If you can install your game, follow these steps to make Game Manager always run as administrator.

1. Find the Game Manager icon on your desktop, then right-click on it and select Properties.

2. In the Properties window, click on the Compatibility tab at the top.

3. And then check the option to Run this program as an administrator in the Privilege Level, and then click Ok.

Change your DNS server

Sometimes, the error is caused by issues with your computer’s DNS settings. Changing your DNS server to Google public DNS can help. Follow the instructions provided by your operating system on how to change DNS settings.

Flush DNS

If manually changing the DNS didn’t work, you can try forcing the system to refresh its DNS cache. Open Command Prompt as an administrator, type “ipconfig /flushdns,” and press Enter.

Winsock reset

If the Teleport Failed error persists, perform a winsock reset. Open Command Prompt as an administrator, type “netsh winsock reset,” and press Enter. Reboot your computer and check if the error still occurs.

Most probably, by following these instructions, you can easily fix Roblox error code 769 Teleport Failed. In case, you’re still getting the same issue, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the game and make sure to log in as a user with administrator access as Roblox needs both the Game Manager and the installation to run. Learn How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103? 

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