Fix Riders Republic Error Code OFF-PISTE 1

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

The full and final version of Riders Republic is going to release on 28th October 2021. But its “Trial Week” is running now until 27th October. However, many players have experienced a serious issue. Many players have reported that they are getting an “OFF-PISTE 1” error code while attempting to connect to the game. Since this error message seems a bit weird, do players have no idea what to do next? Here in the following, we are going to discuss this error and will show you some solutions to fix Riders Republic Error Code OFF-PISTE 1.

How to fix Riders Republic Error Code OFF-PISTE 1

Due to this new error, players are not able to access the Trial Week on their consoles. And this issue seems widespread as there are many players are reporting on the same issue around the world. Luckily, there are some solutions tried and tested by some players. You can also try to fix Riders Republic Error Code OFF-PISTE 1.

Recently, Ubisoft has shared a few solutions on its official website. They suggested to perform following things:

1. Close the game application completely and then relaunch it.

2. Make sure your gaming platform is well connected to the internet.

3. If you’re using a WiFi or Mobile Hotspot, try to connect the game using a wired internet connection.

4. Ensure to connect your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to your Ubisoft account.

5. Also, try once to unlink and relink your console account to your Ubisoft account.

Other Solutions to Fix OFF-PISTE 1 Error in Riders Republic

1. One of the bizarre yet best solutions shared by one of the players on Reddit. He suggested changing your Ubisoft Password and trying again to get into the game. You can give it a try.

2. Some users have also suggested to just wait for about 5 minutes on the first menu and DO NOT press start and then return to the error and it should be gone.

3. Also try to link your console to the Ubisoft connect account and try to launch the game and the error code OFF-PISTE 1 should be fixed.

Specifically for Xbox Series X console users, here is a solution shared by a Reddit user. Let’s learn how to fix the OFF PISTE error on Xbox Series X.

Press the Xbox button and then go to the Profile and System >> Press A on Add or you can also press A on Add Guest >> It will take you back to the controller screen to choose, but confirm you are playing as a guest and you will be able to play the game without any issue.

So far, these are the only workarounds you can try to Fix Riders Republic Error Code OFF-PISTE 1.

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