Fix PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ Error

One of the major issue that’s affecting a lot of PS5 users is the PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error. This error comes up when the progress bar is stuck at 0% or 100%. It occurs especially when transferring games from external hard disks to the PS5’s internal SSD. This bug is keeping players from properly copying their games. There are several reports of the bug across the internet. Here is the complete guide to fix PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error.

How to Fix PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error

Here are several workarounds you can try to fix PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error.

Wait for sometimes

If you are moving PS5 games from an external drive to the internal SSD, you only need to wait a few minutes. If you will wait for some time, this issue will get solved automatically. Ignore the “0%” and you need to wait for 3 to 5 minutes and then check if the install finishes.

Disconnect the console from the internet

For some reason, since the console is connected to the internet, it creates issues in the installing of the games and stops at 0%. It is due to pending updates that are incompatible with the game which is installing. So, the best and easy solution is to disconnect the console from the internet and restart it again. The problem might get solved.

Turn off the console completely and boot it again

Many players keep their PlayStation 5 in Rest Mode for a longer time and that can also be the reason for the PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error. If you will boot it again completely, it can create magic! Try this.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error. Luckily, Sony is aware of this issue and seems like they are working on this and will release the fix that will bring things back to normal very soon. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned ways are the only things we can do. Thankfully, these fixes are very simple and quick, it won’t take much time. 

Update the System Software

Finally, if none of the above solutions have worked, there is a new system update for the PS5, ensure that you have installed that. The error in the past is known to be fixed by updating the system. In fact, on a previous instance, Sony recommended this fix for the Queue for Copy error.

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