Fix PS5 error code CE-107857-8

Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107857-8

Among so many installations, updates, privacy options, and extremely complex menus, today’s consoles are true walking PCs. So, it is not surprising that throughout their lives, they present some other problems related to the system or directly with the hardware. Luckily there are error codes, so at least we can identify particular errors and their solutions. One of the recent error codes in PS5 is CE-107857-8. This error appears especially when a player tries to load an application. If you are also having this error, there are a few currently known fixes to help with this PS5 error code CE-107857-8. Let’s learn below, how to fix it?

How to Fix PS5 error code CE-107857-8

Error Code CE-107857-8 is one of the common issues and it is annoying to deal with. However, go through all the possible solutions here in the following.

1. Disconnect the PS5 from the internet

This can be one of the easiest solutions to fix this error code. You simply need to disconnect the internet connection from your PS5. Thus, it will be cleared out any issues related to the network. If this solution doesn’t work, then try the next step.

2. Update the PS5 System Software

One of the reasons for this error occurs is that the system software of your PS5 is not updated. So, make sure to get it updated with the latest version. To do this: Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > and then click on Update System Software. Once updated, try to launch PS5 and check whether or not the error continues.

3. Delete the PS5 Cache

In order to clear the PS5 Cache, here are some simple steps:

– Press and hold the PS button on your console

– Select Turn Off PS5

– Power it down fully and wait for about 30 seconds and then restart the PS5 again

4. Reset the PS5 console

This is also one of the great and easy solutions. To do this, go to Settings > System Software > and then press on Reset Options and press ‘Reset’.

 5. Restore PS5 account license

In this fix, you will need to delete your existing license and then download it again. For this:

– Go to Settings > User and Accounts > Other > Restore Licenses

– Once done, the PS5 will download automatically the required licenses for games on your PS account.

Even after trying all of these fixes, if you’re still getting the same error code CE-107857-8, then the only option is left to contact Sony for help. In most cases, they will try to fix this issue remotely.

That’s everything you need to know how to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107857-8.

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